Tips To Create User Engaging Website

Business website acts as the face of the business in the world. From the appearance of the website people judge the capabilities and strength of the business. it becomes necessary that your website keeps users engage at least for some time and let them surf through your main pages to create a good impression about your business. It is not very hard to create a website with good user experience. Here are certain points that will help you to create intuitive user experience on your business website.

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Content quality – Text matter or copy on the website is an important ingredient. Use high quality, error free text that concisely conveys purpose of your business. Spelling or grammatical errors, long boring sentences and mediocre quality can be very dangerous and user leaves without even putting glance at other things. Highlighting important services, strengths of your team can add to the value of the page matter and user is not required to read all the text written. Instead of chocking the text matter in single block, you can spread it wisely around images or icons and let the user enjoy reading.

Separate yet Integrated Navigation block – Your business information is distributed over few webpages linked together with the help of navigation block. Navigation block generally contain menu items, links to other pages etc. These elements must stand out from the other text matter and let the user check the piece of information at a time.  They should match to the overall color and style of the page and look integrated with other design. Too many links or menu items might confuse user and turn him off. Navigation scheme should have bare minimum elements, placed prominently on the same place on all website pages.

Reach All Users Irrespective of Device – Users with internet-enabled mobile phones are increasing daily. To tap these users, you have a choice of implementing responsive design strategy for your website. By this, your website becomes equally usable to all users irrespective of the device they are using for browsing internet. It is a good choice to invest money only once -and be rest assured to serve visitors requests from all gadgets/devices.

Images and Colors Choices – An old phrase “picture speaks thousand words” is applicable to website too. however, use of more images may slow down website loading into user’s browser. Using irrelevant images and bold colors might turn off users. Such elements do not easy or soothing on eyes. Using soothing and refreshing colors giving pleasant and comfortable and spend feeling may hold the user for more time on your website.

SEO and Social Media – Search engines and social media are obvious tools and can increase the influx of visitors towards your website. Avoiding these powerful tools can decrease the conversion rate for your business website.

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