Design A Perfect Website Layout Which Catches More Attention of Visitors

The expanding world of online business have made companies pay due attention to their websites. A website is basically a source of information for users and an excellent way to connect with their needs. The websites project ideas, products and services to the target audience and make them act towards it favorably. This mandates designing a perfect layout that suits the eyes as well as the senses.

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Here are few steps for a perfect layout:

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Sketch the layout:

Make a rough sketch of the planned layout; doing so will deliver a fair idea about the positioning of the website elements, be it a video, image or content, everything needs to properly placed, making it visually accessible. Preparing a sketch before designing the layout helps in alterations, till the final layout is crafted.

The grid system:

After completing the sketch, use the latest version of Photoshop with latest features and give a grid to the PSD file. The grid system helps to make an exact placement for images, video or content as per the decided measurements. The grid system helps to support every section of the web layout. It is said to be a first step towards achieving a perfectly designed web layout.

Choosing a font:

As we all know looks do matter when it comes to website design. Hence, selecting a right kind of font becomes imperative. The fonts should be able to provide an efficient visual appeal and should be easier for the users to understand it. However, it is crucial to use one single type of font throughout the website to make the layout look clean, unless it is extremely necessary to change at some point.

Selecting a color theme:

Colors tend to add life to the black and white website layout. There are various colors to choose from the palette; however it is important to select something that goes with the business theme. However, it is important to select colors that are not too bright for the user’s eyes. Always try and keep the background color contrasting.

Keeping the resolution intact:

Blurry images are something that makes the users shun away. Hence it is important for the designers to design a layout the highest resolution possible. To avoid the images get pixilated when expanded. This creates a very bad impression of the website to the users.

Follow this above mentioned steps for a perfect web layout.

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