Do proper Homework for Perfect Template for WordPress Website

For a successfully functioning WordPress site, there are few prerequisites that we need to follow in order to land up with a website that looks great and functions well. Developers can explore a wide spectrum of possibilities and be confident enough to be able to build up a foundation to create a perfectly great website template.

Développement WordPress

Here is how we do it:

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Wireframes and structures:

The beginning of the website design can be overwhelming, given so many possibilities to explore. Wireframe a and structures will prove to be a saviour here. Use them and bring in some direction to the efforts. Wireframe are basically blueprints of the websites architecture. It helps to show the end results of how the website will look.

Target web browsers:

Decide on the targeted web browsers to be sure when using certain components of designing. Plus determine the web browsers will also help to know the targeted audience. For instance only few people use internet explorer today, and the number of people using chrome is double.

Pre- requisites of screen resolution:

Most of the users use resolution of 1024×768 of resolution on their screens, hence considering these requirements make sure to deliver templates with lesser resolution than this.

Typefaces and typography:

Ensure to spend adequate time by trying different typefaces an typography to make the template content look good. Try all individually and see if it is in sync with the theme and goes with the  rest of the design elements.


Consider the responsive design while creating a pathway to web design. Make sure to leverage fluid grids, media queries and flexible images to be sure about the website that will be based on the template look good.

Above mentioned are few tips that will help create a great web template.

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