Squarespace or Wordpress: Which platform you should go for Development?

When you are about to create new website, you start thinking about platform. It is really hard to choose single most suitable platform for your website development. In this article let us discuss about two platform – Squarespace and WordPress.  It will give you a clear picture about what are the benefits of these two platforms and also their limitations too.

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First let’s look at Squarespace:-

In short, it is one stop solution for all your website needs. You can create your website from scratch and launch it online on the servers specially designed for Squarespace servers. It is paid platform and you need to select one from the available plans which range from $8 per month to $24 per month. Free trial package is also available for download. More than a platform for website development, Squarespace is online tool that allows you to create beautiful, fully optimized website. Main reason for its popularity is its ability to create a fully professional looking website by just adding text and few styles and links. You do not require any prior knowledge or experience for website building when you decide to use Squarespace. All kinds of website like e-commerce stores, port-folios, blogs can be easily created with this online tool.


  •  In-built Image editor for image processing
  •  Social media features included
  •  Various types of websites supported. Build in modules provided for these types of websites like e-commerce, blog or  portfolio
  •  Subdomain available by default
  •  WYSIWYG editor for creating customized text formatting
  •  Statistics module available by default

Design Options:-

With Squarespace you get around 25 design options for your website. All these designs are of responsive nature so that your website is best viewed on all types of internet-enabled devices.  You can mix two design themes to create your own unique theme design, thus you have enormous combinations available. Here themes are attractive and trendy too. These themes will fit for longer time duration and will not look obsolete.

WordPress:- it is fully developed software to create and maintain your website on your own without any technical help. This platform is available for free download but you have to pay for the hosting and domain charges. You do not need any specialized type of hosting service in case of WordPress.

Installing WordPress on the hosting server space might seem to be a difficult job but it is not. Most of the hosting services provide easy to navigate control panel for uploading your files and create database on the server. Once your code and database is created, you can start installing WordPress. This is a quite easy job, all you have to do is to follow instructions and enter inputs wherever required. WordPress alone offers limited set of website types but the plugin library available on internet can provide lots of options for creating various types of websites. To be honest, handling plugins requires some technical knowledge and experience.

WordPress Features

  •  Thousands of free themes and designs available on internet
  •  Free and paid plugins to extend basic functionality
  •  User management- many users can update the website at a time

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